HELLO 2019!


I’ve totally dropped the ball on this blog. 2018 was such an eventful year — so much happened and it flew by just like that! I get very sentimental around this time of the year. We’ve made it through another year, a new one is about to start, and there’s so much that is about to happen that we don’t even know yet!

If you are familiar with Dancing With The Stars, you know about “most memorable year” night. For fun, my mom and I always discuss what our most memorable years would be. Before, I couldn’t really answer that question, but now, I’m pretty sure mine is 2018. It was a good year full of lessons and blessings, and I’ve learned a lot about myself because of it. I’m ready to welcome 2019 with open arms and excited for what’s to come – and hopefully have the time to blog about it 😛

I’m not very good at keeping my new year’s resolutions, but here goes another attempt at making them and trying to keep them. This 2019, I will try to:

  • work out consistently — seriously 😛
  • read a book a month
  • spend wisely/budget
  • go on more adventures
  • blog more

Wishing everyone an amazing 2019 full of good health, happiness, love, and amazing memories!


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